Catholic Saints Calendar Plus
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Bolt browser: Files downloader
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20 Watch Games - Classic Pack
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Version: 3.9.5
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HomeDash is the most beautiful and intuitive way to control your HomeKit and Matter devices.

HomeDash is the complete HomeKit solution that supports all important HomeKit functions. The app was developed with a clear focus on a great user experience, stability and performance.

HomeDash provides unique functionalities, like:

· Create nice and appealing dashboards to control your devices in an easier way.
· Great and easy to use user interface - so that you'll find all important functions more quickly.
· Manage scenes conveniently in folders.
· Apply the current settings of a device (e.g. a lightbulb) to one or more other devices of the same kind.
· Capture the current settings of your lights to create new scenes quickly and easily.
· Control all devices of one group simultaneously.
· Activate scenes directly from Spotlight search.
· Replace accessory names with service names (aka Siri-names).

The app has been continuously developed for over 5 years. Even buyers from 5 years ago continue to receive free updates.
· General UI improvements and bug fixes