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Tera Pro

Version: 2.1.0
Category: Music
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Price: $12.99

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Tera Pro brings together all major sound synthesis methods on one table. No matter if you want to recreate sounds from analogue legends or explore modern digital sounds with FM, Waveshaping or Wavetable synthesis. More can be added by In-App Purchases of new modules. Add some flavour of physical modelling and modules for additive synthesis. Combine them altogether for new sound experiences far beyond your wildest dreams.
Tame this overwhelming amount of possibilities with Tera Pros intelligent user interface showing you only exactly what you need, paired with realtime oscilloscopes and level indicators helping you seeing what’s going on. Connect the modules with a flexible routing method without the visual cluttering of real wire cables needed in conventional modular synthesisers

FAQ What does Tera Pro have that Tera Synth doesn't have ?

1) Additional Sound Modules

- Spectrum oscillator ( borrowed from the heart of Addictive Synth )
- Wave shaper / folder opens the west coast synthesis
- Vocal Morphing filter
- KARPLUS (aka WaveGuide ) with new "Swarm" mode ( 3 detuned delays )

2) Revised engine

- Analog Polysynth Voice Modelling with characteristic subtle voice variations of timbre, pitch and temporal behaviour to get you "The" Analog Sound.
- 128 vs 32 voices polyphony
- Seamless Sound Switching: change presets during play without cutting off the sound.
- 8 times unison for really heavy ambients
- Envelope generators with Buchla style "end of cycle" trigger for generative music
- Stack/Split Sounds
- New effect section

3) Redesigned User Interface

- Collapsible modules for clear view of modular structure
- No more nasty popups for LFOs/Envelope generators
- Realtime oscilloscopes added to selected modules

4) New Presets

- About 1000 additional presets in there. Tera never sounded this good...

Tera Pro Specifications

- 128 voice Modular polyphonic Synthesiser
- Mono/Dual/Split Voice Architecture
- Modules for analog and FM synthesis
- Modules for Spectral Synthesis and Additive Synthesis
- Karplus Strong Physical Modelling and Wave Shaping
- MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE)
- Vintage voice modelling for organic warm sound character
- 1800+ Factory presets included
- PDF Manual included
- Standalone, AUv3 and IAA compatible
- Ableton Link
- Bluetooth MIDI
- ...

Additional modules through In-App Purchases:

- Classic Wavetable synthesis with Import
- Classic 6-OP FM Synthesis fully compatible to DX7 sysex files.
- BrainZ multiple synthesis module based on MI Plaits Eurorack module.
- RingZ physical modelling module based on MI Rings Eurorack module.
- new in app purchase of RingZ, a physical resonator module