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Rule Master

Version: 4.2
Category: Navigation
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Price: $19.99

Based on 145 reviews. (145 reviews)
The most advanced, modern, and competitive Rules of the Road quiz application on the iOS App Store!

This Navigation Rules quiz application is a must-have for new and experienced sailors, alike. This complete Rules of the Road toolbox is the most effective way to build and maintain proficiency, so you can spend less time preparing for your next USCG Navigation Rules examination. Track your progress like never before, and use our advanced question filters and rule proficiency statistics for efficient, targeted studying.

Are you an instructor? Generate and print beautiful, custom-filtered COLREG examinations in seconds with our advanced exam PDF generation algorithm.

Are you an experienced mariner? There is always more to learn! Rule Master provides 100+ hand-selected, fill-in-the-blank questions optimized to refine your mastery of the Rules of the Road. Mastery of these verbatim COLREG excerpts allows for intelligent verbal communication of the rules — especially useful for students undergoing rigorous training at the USN Mariner Skills Training Command.

- 10,000+ question-answer combinations
- Advanced, custom question filters for targeted studying
- 100+ hand-selected, fill-in-the-blank questions for experienced Mariners
- Full offline capability
- Unlimited exam PDF generation and printing
- Full, digital Navigation Rules handbook for quick reference
- In-depth progress tracking and statistics

This COLREG application's abbreviated question bank -- tediously hand-scrubbed and optimized by an experienced USN Surface Warfare Officer -- is coupled with a custom algorithm that generates 10,000+ unique question-answer combinations specifically designed to more effectively teach and examine student knowledge while simultaneously exposing students to the confusing vernacular commonly found in the infamous USCG Rules of the Road question bank.
- Quick Exam Updates
- Accessibility Features
- Minor Bug Fixes
- Misc Improvements