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Picky Music Player

Version: 4.5.1
Category: Music
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Price: $1.99

Based on 223 reviews. (223 reviews)
“…a powerful music utility that is perfect for getting reacquainted with your favorite tunes.” — John Voorhees,
”…undeniably one of the most powerful and accessible general-purpose players available today.” — Marc Barrowclift,

Featured in Macworld, MacStories, and Mac & i magazine, Picky is for people particular about their music, giving you full control over how you browse and listen to your albums and songs.

‣ Picky keeps your Artists and Albums lists uncluttered by hiding those with only a few songs – simply adjust the filters to taste.

‣ Queue up tracks to play later: simply swipe to the left on a song until the ‘+’ icon appears and turns solid orange, then let go to queue it.

‣ Use Picklists to quickly play (or queue) groups of songs – like playing an album without its bonus tracks.

‣ Easily sort the main Albums list and artists’ album lists with just a couple taps: by title, release date, duration, or by date added to your library.

‣ Picky lets you easily filter your Songs and Albums lists by genre (or by multiple genres). You can do things like quickly put together a mix by opening the filter, tapping on a few genres, and then closing it and tapping Shuffle.

‣ You can use the Artists and Songs filters to keep singles and one-hit-wonders tucked away, or bring them into focus when you really want to listen to them.

‣ Picky intelligently combines both grouping by artist and by album artist, so you'll always find your songs where you expect them to be. But if you prefer just one of the groupings, you can easily change that with a setting.

‣ Quickly see the list of your currently playing songs by simply swiping up in the Now Playing view.

‣ Quickly search across your entire music library with just a few taps.

‣ Picky is designed for iOS 15 and supports widgets, Dark Mode, Split View, AirPlay 2, iPad trackpads, Context Menus, VoiceOver, headphone remotes, iTunes Match, and Apple Music that has been added to your collection. You can use Picky exclusively or seamlessly switch between it and the system Music app.

Picky: for listeners with refined taste.

‣ Fixed a few bugs with how albums with missing release dates are handled


‣ Search your albums by year! Typing a specific year into the search bar won’t just pull up title/artist matches but also any albums with a matching release date

‣ Play, shuffle, or queue an entire set of album or song search results with convenient new buttons

‣ Fixed a bug where the Now Playing bar could stop updating when returning to the app after enough time away

‣ Reissues with bonus tracks now use the original album release date if it differs from the date the bonus tracks are tagged with

‣ Playlist sort options now just apply temporarily instead of across all playlists and app sessions

‣ Fixed a crash that could happen if a playlist was edited outside of the app while its details were open in Picky